Outsource your packaging to reduce gestation time for product launch

Outsource your packaging and you are all set to bring down the time for introducing new products in the market. Catch hold of packaging contractors as they have the necessary resources for meeting the needs of the company and they can install the equipments quicker as compared to the pharma companies whereas in the case of companies the gestation period for a number of companies could be as high as one year. If you can outsource your packaging then you can even free your resources and utilize them for more profitable activities. This trend seems to be on the rise and some of the packaging work is being outsourced to countries such as China and India even though pharma companies look for specialist outsourcing partners for their work. The general requirement for most of the companies looking for a packaging partner is cost, control, confidentiality and capacity. Pharma companies certainly stand to gain from it as it helps them to concentrate on their core competencies. Via in-pharmatechnologist